Guys I am back with new post so guys in this post I  not going to share any post related to travel experience but this content is related to gadgets in travel . So let's begin ,
#1- BEST CAMPING  HAMMOCK    This gadget is really helpful for those who like adventures  and survive in the critical situation . This tent is made of ripstop nylon and can also be used as bivy tent.  #2- LUGGAGE SCOOTER
Friends if you like to do skating than this can really a helpful gadget for you guys . A practical , stylish  and fun travel accessory . This scooter can help traveler move  quickly and easily with luggage .  By this carrying your luggage will never be boring again with this multi functional travel gadget . In my opinion this is really a best gadget for me because I am a skater and this gadget can  really help me a lot if I buy this . 
Ostrich pillow is an extremely useful gadget for when you're on the go and just need a  fast nap to refresh and increase productivi…


Hello friends , I hope you all are enjoy your life . I am Aditya and I am back with another unique travel experience but in this post not I one of our follower share his travel experience . So let's begin , I am Dilip  and I really thankful to Aditya because he give me a chance to share my travel experience in his site ,so in evening 3:00 pm my journey started from Bhubaneswar  and I travel in airplane   so  that's why it take less time to reach Hyderabad we reach their at 4:20 pm and after reaching their at first we go to our guest house and after that we take rest for 2 hour and  after taking rest I go to my some official meeting and after comeback me and my partner decided to visit the famous places of  Hyderabad that is  Golconda fort and Charminar so at first we decided to go to  visit Golconda fort because my  partner   very excited to see it  and after reaching their we spend our time by  eating some peanut and watching the beauty  of Golconda fort and my friend get b…


Hello viewers, I am  Aditya and in this post I going to share my own travel experience  .so let's begin , at morning 12:30 pm my journey started from  Sambalpur and we travel in a car so it takes less time to reaching Maneswar and we reach their at 1:10 pm and we also  travel  continuously  15 km   after reaching  at  Maneswar we at first go to the  most famous Shiva temple  that   is famous for it's  nearer pond where greater number of  tortoise found but in today  date their is no tortoise available at that pond  and we also taste the   Prasad of that temple after  tasting that I really like that and also their is more than 1000 people come to taste the  Prasad  .  And we also click many pictures which I also going to share in this post but I  not going to share the all images because that images come in my another post which  is going to publish in this month so just chill . Here is my selfie  at inside the temple :-Here is the beautiful picture of the Shiva temple:- 


Hi travelers, I am back with another post in this post I share more pictures of  Chhath puja which we do not upload in our previous post and this is my second post in this month . I hope you viewers like our picture quality if yes then please comment below and please don't forgot to share this post .     This is the picture of where the  things for Chhath puja are sale :- And here is the clear  picture of the place where Chhath Puja occurs . The  common fruits which are use in this  traditional  worship are  bannana ,  apple , guava ,  coconut and many other fruits . If you  viewers like this post then please comment   below that how much you like this tradition . And  viewers  please make sure to follow us . If you do not know how to follow us then here is the tutorial ---------> HOW TO FOLLOW US - For follow us  you look at the top of the website then you get 3 lines so just click that and after you click that lines then you get the follow button so don't wait just press…


Hello  viewers ,I am Aditya and   I am back with another  traditional travel experience  but I am little bit late because I am busy in my household work but guys don't worry in this month I upload 2 posts and I hope you viewers enjoy with this post so in this post not I one of our regular follower share his experiences. So let's begin , In the morning 5:30 am my journey started from Delhi (Gurgaon) and I am travel in my own car and me and my two friends really enjoy the trip and at the middle of the road I stop my car for taking rest and to  do breakfast at the road side stalls after completing breakfast we restart our journey  and at last at  1:50 am we reach to  Bihar after that we continue our journey to reach to my village which is in Bihar after reaching to my village we go to my uncle's  house and get fresh after taking 1 hours of rest we get ready for the  festival which is famous in  North-India Bihar that is  chhath puja  if you don't know chhat puja then her…


Hello  traveler, I am back with  another travel experience . And the update that is we going to give a chance to our followers to share her/his travel experience and  pictures in our website  . So in  this post not I one of our follower going to share her travel experiences  I hope you guys like this . So let's get ready , In the night 10:00 pm my journey started from  Sambalpur I travel in a train and we do lot's of fun in train and also one dangerous incident occurs in the train that is one of the passenger who stand near the train  entry door got  fall from train but that person  is the  lucky one because they don't die this happen because the train  speed is low and at morning 8:10 am we reach to  Vishakapattnam and we stay in a  4 star hotel room  after getting fresh me and my   friend  plans to visit the  most famous park of Vizag that is Vuda park  and also the most famous temple that is  Simhachalam  temple   at that places we also click many selfies and after vis…


Hello viewers, In this post I going to share my experience and one of my big mistake which I committed. So let's get ready,  so In 5:20 Am my  journey started and I travelled in train really it is a nice day for me because I get a chance to breath in the fresh air of morning and I also seen very green place while traveling in train. After Passing many stations I reached to Bhubnaswear and after that we go to bus stand and wait for a bus which travel to Cuttack after waiting for 1 hour that bus comes and we restarted our journey after reaching at Cuttack we go to our staying  room  and get fresh up we go to a hotel which is really famous for its taste of food then we make a lunch at that then we got back to our room after reaching to room I am very tired so I sleep for 4 hours after I wake up I get a visit to Barabati Stadium and ate dahi bada aludum which is a famous food of cuttack .After finishing the food we get a visit to Big bazaar which is a shopping complex and after that …